We need your donation by September 15, 2016!

The Texas Poets Podcast needs your donation (no matter how small) to keep our program going!

We have plans to bring the biggest names in Texas poetry to future episodes, but the simple fact is WE ARE BROKE.

We need your help immediately.   We are applying for a grant that requires the Texas Poets Podcast to have matching funds, so we need your donation by September 15, 2016.

Get out your checkbook right now and send us whatever you can to support the Texas Poets Podcast.

Send your donations to:

TCU Press – Texas Poets Podcast
c/o Adam B. Baggs
Assistant Vice Chancellor, College and Regional Development
TCU Box 297044
Fort Worth, TX 76129

We won’t be able to produce any more shows if we don’t get your support NOW.

Recording, editing, hosting, and providing Web access to our shows costs about $10,000 a year.  We’re not asking for $10,000 from one person, but please send us what you can spare.

Don’t let this great program die.

Thanks for your consideration.

The Volunteer Staff of the Texas Poets Podcast.